Purchase Manager by Cert-In Software Systems, Inc.

The Cert-In Purchase Manager for Windows is the ultimate add-in tool for Trade Service Corporation TRA-SER for Windows products or for Pinnacle Corporations EPIC for Windows. The Purchase Manager is used to allow you to use these products to their full potential. They will in a sense be the material server and the Purchase Manager will be the information processor and formatter. You will be able to use any column or custom column to create professional Purchase Orders, Requests for Quotation, Quotations, and many other important documents easily and seamlessly. Some of the Key Features are listed below:
  • TickExport multiple items in one key stroke
  • TickDesignate any price column or custom column as the price server
  • TickModify the price on the fly
  • TickEach Document can be calculated with tax either enabled or disabled
  • TickAdd unsupported items to any of your documents, standard purchase order, quotation
  • TickRequest for Quotation and invoice forms provided
  • TickSome of these forms have various formats and are user definable.
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