Compatible Digital Takeoff Systems



eTakeoff's specialty is electronic quantity takeoff. There are thousands of contractors in every construction trade who use eTakeoff daily to boost their productivity by as much as 15 times over paper takeoff! eTakeoff incorporates sophisticated Assembly capabilities and even has a patented symbol search feature (Auto-count), yet it is one of the easiest to use Takeoff tools on the market. Interfaced with our WinTRF Estimating System they both result in a very powerful tool in half the time. The benefits of eTakeoff are:
  • TickIncreased Accuracy
  • TickIncreased Productivity
  • TickReduced Printing Cost
  • TickReduced Turn Around
  • TickSharable and Reviewable Projects
  • TickThree Product Versions and Prices
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On Screen Takeoff

Thousands of construction professionals have reduced costs, saved time and improved their accuracy utilizing On-Screen Takeoff (OST), the unparallelled industry standard for takeoff. The interface with our WinTRF Estimating system can improve productivity with the reports and programs you trust. Benefits of On-Screen Takeoff are:
  • TickHighlight, Measure and Record with Ease
  • TickEliminate Manually Summarizing Takeoff
  • TickStop Re-Takeoff on Projects
  • TickNever Miss a Revision
  • TickSimplify RFI Communication
  • TickIntegrate with WinTRF Estimating, Excel & Accounting
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