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As we wrote that letter we were relieved to have been able to convert the estimating system source code from a development platform that was introduced in the year 2000 to one that came into existence in 2010. This may appear as if it is a trivial operation but it really is not as it involves replacing development libraries that were used from various vendors who are no longer available or who have not been upgraded to the new platforms, with new libraries.


We are happy to announce the new company blog. This area is four our employees to post new information useful to our customers.  We will post about updates, events, new technology/software and more company information.  Subscribing to these blogs will send you an email notifying of a new entry.



We are currently in the Beta Testing for the New WinTRF Estimating Version 10. We are excited for the changes that have been implemented. This version includes a complete rewrite and system upgrade. New report system featuring instant spreadsheets. Language has been upgraded to be more compatible with Windows 10 operating systems.